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Vision and Values

Our Vision & Values


We believe that theater has the power to change the world.

Stories told live on stage not only entertain, but can inspire, educate and bring people of all backgrounds and beliefs together for a communal experience like no other. Our goal is to be the most trusted name in delivering first-class Broadway shows around the globe with an unparalleled customer experience.

Our family of companies provide fans with a 360-degree view of Broadway to help broaden and grow the audience for live theater worldwide. We bring Broadway to fans and fans to Broadway.

The passion we each have for Broadway is reflected in our culture of excellence, connection, and creativity. We are committed to supporting the greater theater community and building long-term relationships with our audience, partners and team.

Core Values

We welcome all.

We invite new ideas.

We encourage curiosity.

We celebrate individuality.

We are obsessed with storytelling.

We are passionate about world-class service.

We embrace every member of our community as family.

Live theater is for everyone

At the John Gore Organization, we believe that live theater is for everyone. Everyone means people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and people with disabilities. We specifically want to increase participation for those that have been historically underrepresented in the commercial theater industry.

We recognize that our role within the theatrical industry presents us with unique responsibilities and opportunities to help shape a more equitable future for the entire art form. From the stories that unfold on stage to the artists that tell them, from the visionaries that drive our industry to the audiences we entertain, it is urgent and imperative that Broadway becomes wholly and thoroughly representative of the society it serves.

As we strive to spark meaningful and lasting change, we are committed to doing the hard work. We recognize that this work will require us to both listen and lead. We are fully prepared to do both.

Our Company

We welcome, encourage, embrace, and respect diversity of people, identities and cultures. We treat one another as family. We believe an inclusive work environment is critical to our success, but our aspiration is to truly create a feeling of belonging. We are passionate about our work and recognize that we only achieve our goals through individual skills and contributions in a trusting, safe and collaborative environment.

To that end, we provide all staff with training programming to raise awareness of and reduce unconscious bias in the workplace. We have established hiring and recruitment practices aimed specifically at further diversifying our workforce. The JGO Learning Series integrates departments and creates opportunities for connection between co-workers. The JGO C.A.R.E.S initiative brings our team together around Commitment, Action, Racial Equity, Education and Social Responsibility.

We seek to introduce diverse talent to our industry through a comprehensive paid Fellowship program in New York and JGO offices around the country. The purpose of the Fellowship program is to provide each Fellow with an opportunity to develop the job skills, broad understanding and network connections necessary to have a professional career in the commercial theater industry.

Our Audiences

Just as with our team, it is our intention to build and nurture an audience base that is representative of the communities we serve. Our editorial coverage celebrates and elevates Broadway while entertaining, informing and offering value to both dedicated fans and casual theatergoers, providing a gateway to Broadway for all. It is our responsibility to present stories that represent the wide range of the human experience. We will use our voice, our work, and our resources to spread anti-racism and anti-hate messaging and awareness.

Our efforts to reach and welcome the most diverse possible audience include a dedicated focus on outreach to underrepresented communities through media, press and community relationships. We will be purposeful in our efforts to introduce Broadway to people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations and people with disabilities, because there is nothing like the wonder in one’s eyes when they attend their first Broadway show. It can be a life changing experience.